Arts Programs

South Halls Head runs both a specialist Visual Arts program and a Performing Arts program (Music).   We also provide a parent-funded after school drama program (Helen O’Grady Drama Academy).


All primary classes enjoy one hour of music instruction per week. Students learn to read and write music and to play a range of instruments (percussion, ukulele and recorder).  In addition, year 5 and 6 students may study brass and woodwind instruments through the School of Instrumental Music. 

Students are also offered the opportunity (parent-funded) to study keyboard or guitar during the school day. We have a school choir and students regularly take part in performances including work with Patch Theatre, The Choir of Hard Knocks and the Australian Opera Company.

Visual Arts

All primary students take part in one hour of specialist art instruction per week. This includes drawing, painting, collage, textiles, ceramics and art history/knowledge.

Students regularly contribute to City of Mandurah Festivals e.g. Stretch Festival, Crab Fest.