Specialist Classes

All Year 1 to Year 6 students participate in various specialist classes throughout the week. Students participate in these lessons for one hour each per week, with the exception of health, which is one hour per fortnight.

Languages Year 3 - Year 6

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." Quoted by Frank Smith.

In Japanese, students are taught to speak, listen, read, and write the target language. We concentrate on words and phrases used in real situations. Students adapt the use of the language whilst also learning and experiencing various elements of the culture and traditions of the country. We engage in a multitude of learning opportunities from, but not limited to, videos, audio, books, craft, games and outdoor activities. Our end goal is to foster confidence in language and a deepened respect for the Japanese culture.

Performing Arts 1 - Year 6

In Drama, students develop the skills to perform dramatic scenes both scripted and improvised. They explore the use of voice and movement skills in constructing characters, and learn how to read and write scripts. Drama elements are built upon through the year levels, the understanding of pause, tension, relationships, and space are heavy focuses in the upper years. They begin to use rehearsal processes, display audience behaviours, and continue to learn appropriate responses to the drama of others. In lessons, we aim to increase confidence, promote self-expression and empathy, as well as reflect on the world around us through a creative lens.

In Music, students learn theoretical and practical skills to make and create music. They explore and experiment with the elements of music, standard notation, and develop their aural skills. Students experience music as both performers and audience members, listening, composing, and playing in tune. Depending on their year level, students are taught how to play tonal percussion, the keyboard, ukulele, or the drums. We aim to cultivate young musicians through exposure to different styles of music, and openly reflect on the mood and meaning of diverse pieces.

Visual Arts Year 1 - Year 6

Visual Art at South Halls Head Primary aims to provide visual and tactile experiences to help students understand the world around them. We use a variety of materials and processes to develop their artistic skills, fine motor coordination, social skills, and creative imaginations to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces of artwork. By using guided and free choice activities, students have the opportunity to learn about different art techniques, famous artists, responding to art, and how art can be used to express emotions and feelings. Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly, and colourful environment in which all student’s artwork is valued, and creativity can thrive.


Any absences need to be advised to the school. Please let us know via COMPASS if your child will be away from school.