School Board

What is the Role of The School Board?

The South Halls Head Primary School Board consists of elected parent, community and staff representatives who meet regularly to make decisions about school programs and policies and to review the school’s progress.

Current School Board Members

Parent Representatives

Deborah Maybury, Steele Taylor, Veronika Sajova (Board & P&C Assoc Inc Liason Officer), Paul Gallash

Community Representatives

Bronwyn White, Sandra Wood, Angelo Sorgiovanni (Chairperson of The Board), Zak Kirkup

Staff Representatives

Denise Barrett, Jen Humble, Dianne Vallve, Melanie Buller (Principal and Board Induction Officer).

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference document outlines the Board’s purpose, function, membership and operation.

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Independent Review

The School and Board undergo a regular Independent Review process.

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Who do I contact to have something discussed at a Board meeting?

If you would like anything discussed at a Board meeting, ring the front office (9584 6200) to be put in touch with a School Board representative.

The School Board meets on Thursday in Weeks 4 and 9 of each Term. (Please contact the School Office for further information.)

This meeting is an open meeting – all members of The School’s community are welcome.