Virtue of the Month

      Justice/A Fair Go

      Practicing justice is being fair in everything you do.

      It is seeing with your own eyes and not judging something or someone by what other people tell you.

      Being "just" and "fair" is standing up for your rights and the rights of other people.

      It is taking responsibility if you make a mistake and making amends.

      Justice means that every person's rights are protected.

      Congratulations!  You are practising Justice /A Fair Go when you … 

      • Think for yourself
      • Avoid gossip and backbiting
      • Refuse to prejudge – see people as individuals
      • Own up to your mistakes and accept the consequences
      • Share fairly with others
      • Stand up for people’s rights, including your own

      Affirmation – I act with justice.  I stand up for the rights of others and myself.  I have no need to pretend or defend.  I choose to make amends.