Virtue of the Month


Courtesy is being police and having good manners. It is a gracious way of speaking and acting which gives others a feeling of being valued and respected. It is greeting others with respect. “Please”, “Thank you”, “ Excuse me”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “You’re welcome” are not just words. They are courteous expressions that show people you respect them and care about them.

Congratulations! You are practicing Courtesy when you …

  • Show others that you value and respect them
  • Remember to treat elders, parents, teachers and children politely
  • Think about how your actions affect others
  • Eat, speak and move graciously
  • Make requests instead of demands
  • Greet people with a smile

Affirmation – I am courteous. I speak and act in a polite way. I show others that I value and respect them.