Virtue of the Month


    Freedom is being able to choose how you think and how you respond.  With freedom comes responsibility.  If you make a poor choice and learn from it, you will be wiser next time.  Too much freedom too soon can be overwhelming or even harmful, which is why there are rules and guidelines to help you in your choices as you learn.  Freedom also means respecting the choices of others, which may not be the same as yours.

    Congratulations!  You are practicing Freedom when you … 

    • Think for yourself
    • Make your own choices
    • Take risks and reflect on outcomes
    • Encourage others to think things through for themselves
    • Accept that others make their own choices

    Affirmation – I choose how I think and how I behave.  I give new things a go, reflect, and am growing in confidence and ability.  I accept people learn in different ways.