Virtue of the Month


      Helpfulness is being of service.  It is doing useful things for people, such as things they cannot do for themselves, something they do not have time to do, or just little things that make life easier.  It is important to be helpful to ourselves too, by taking care of our bodies.  There are times when we need help from others.  That is a good time to ask for help.

      Congratulations!  You are practicing Helpfulness when you … 


      • Notice when someone needs help
      • Do a service without being asked
      • Give people what they need, not always what they want
      • Listen to someone who needs to talk
      • Care for your own needs
      • Ask for help when you need it


      Affirmation – I am helpful.  I look for ways to be of service.  I care for others and myself.  I look for helpful ways to make a difference.