Hi, I’m Chantelle Hall, South Halls Head Primary School Chaplain. I consider it a privilege to work at this school alongside the staff since beginning my employment in early 2017.

The Chaplain service is provided by YouthCARE, which is a government funded non-profit organisation. They recruit, induct and allocate Chaplains to over 600 schools throughout Western Australia, while providing ongoing support and training for them.

As a YouthCARE Chaplain, my role is to support the students and the school community. More simply, if at any stage life is not easy, then I am here to talk with.  The majority of my time is spent having one on one pastoral chats with students.  I listen to their stories, issues, how they are feeling as well as focusing on guiding and mentoring them, while providing confidentiality.  My aim is to create a safe, welcoming space where individuals can be comforted, encouraged and supported in any issues they are facing. Some examples include friendship/family relationships, anxiety, behaviour management, family separation, death or the FIFO lifestyle.  I can also research and provide information on community activities or refer support agencies in the area for students and/or their families.

Although I am employed by YouthCARE, I work under the direction of the Principal, School Deputies and together with other support staff. I’m available Tuesdays and Wednesdays and my office is located in D Block.  Most of the time students refer themselves by using the labelled ‘Chaplain Notes’ box located in the office or are referred to me by their teacher/parents/guardians.  If you would like to make an appointment for your child or yourself to meet with me, please contact the school office or email me on

Warm Regards,

Chantelle Hall