What does a Parents & Citizens’ Association do?

The Parents & Citizens’ Association or P&C is about people – people just like you – parents, care givers and community minded people who want to help their school. You work very closely with your school, building a stronger school community, where all children benefit.

Why join the Parents & Citizens’ Association?

Actions always speak louder than words when it comes to valuing your child’s learning.

Joining the P&C is one of the best ways to show your children how much you value their education and how interested you are in what they do. By joining the P&C you are showing your children how committed you are to helping students and your school community.

A lot can and has been achieved through the P&C and school working together towards common goals. To continue the great work, P&Cs need people from all walks of life and with a range of talents who are committed to delivering great outcomes for our children and school. Everybody has a role to play and your ideas will be heard. The more people involved, the more exciting and successful it will be. Come along to the next AGM or General Meeting to become involved in your Parents & Citizens’ Association.


Membership is open to all adult members of the school community.

An annual membership fee of $1.00 is payable at the Annual General Meeting or at the time of joining at a General Meeting. Fee paying members make up the meeting quorum and have full voting rights. 

Membership Form 

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The 2018 SHHPS P&C Assoc Inc Office Bearers, Sub Committee Conveners and Executive Committee members are listed below.   

SHHPS P&C Assoc Inc Office Bearers

President:  Todd Butcher – pncpresident.shhps@gmail.com

Vice President:   Louise Rhodes- vicepresidentpnc.shhps@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Gina Johnston – treasurerpnc.shhps@gmail.com

Secretary:  Amy San Martin – secretarypncinc.shhps@gmail.com 

Sub Committee Convenors

Fundraising:  Louise Rhodes –  fundraising.shhps@gmail.com

Canteen:  Nadine Radin – canteenpnc.shhps@gmail.com

ICT Administration:  Veronika Sajova – pncinc.shhps@gmail.com

Executive Committee Members

Todd Butcher (President), Louise Rhodes (Vice President), Gina Johnston (Treasurer), Amy San Martin (Secretary), Deb Maybury (School Board Chair), Melanie Buller (Deputy Principal), Dianne Vallve (Deputy Principal), Jan Workman (Ex Officio, Principal).

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P&C Meeting Minutes

AGM Meeting

2018 P&C AGM Minutes 12 March 2018 - Click here to download

General Meetings

P&C General Meeting Minutes 14 May 2018 - Click here to download

P&C General Meeting Minutes 12 March 2018 - Click here to download

P&C General Meeting Minutes 12 February 2018 - Click here to download